Reaching Full Potential

Reaching Full Potential

The most rewarding part of introducing compression therapy to new Hidez USA athletes is watching their improvement. From pain management and injury recovery to performance and calming, our satisfaction comes from watching horses reach their potential. 

Recovery is dramatically reduced when using the Hidez Travel/Recovery Suit. Regardless of discipline, competition is fierce. Preventing soreness and flushing toxins from the muscles results in a more willing horse, able to respond, execute, and perform at peak levels. 

What could you do with an extra 15 minutes of concentrated training each day? That's 1.5 hours each week. For aged events, this could be the advantage that gives your horse the edge. By reducing soreness, you can spend less time warming up and more time actually training your horse. 

For injuries, Hidez has shown an incredible ability to improve healing. It only makes sense; when you increase circulation, oxygen, and nutrients you give the body what it needs to repair damaged tissues and detox. Hidez Compression Suits are an incredible timesaver for burn injuries and large wounds, oxygenating tissues, blocking debris and insects, and preventing secondary infections. 

Doctors, Physical Therapists, and trainers in all sports use ice therapy much more often than heat, and add compression to help prevent and treat injuries of all kinds. Combined, the therapeutic result is multiplied. For complete lower limb therapy, Hidez Ice/Compression Socks extend from the top of the hoof to above the knee or hock. Simply zip up the sock, dump in the ice, and walk away. No hoses, no batteries, no machines, no babysitting. Just another way Hidez saves you time.

Your horse is an investment. Prolong his usable life and help him reach his full potential with Hidez Compression Products.